so you have some questions...

How do I pronounce DRINGK?

Look up "drink" in the dictionary. (you have been saying it all your life!)

What makes dringk special?

So many things! Our staff. Our ATMOSPHERE. Our cool vibe. oh, and our $5 menu and drinks! Yes, you can drink mules, beers, margaritas, dringk cocktails for $5 all day long!

i heard you sell drinks for $5 and food $5, $10, $15. Are you stingy with your pours and is food really actually good?

Ain't nobody want a bad drink! Especially us at the dringk team. we give you a minimum of 1.5 oz pour drinks and upwards (our martinis and select dringks are 3 oz!) all our beers including the popular cvb mon are 16 oz for only $5.

our food is high quality and sourced to be from the best without added junk. our hamburger meat is ground ribeye, breads made from a locally sourced baker and when possible we serve organic and gmo free. we want you to love our food and trust we put the effort in to make sure we are providing you with tasty dishes that will have you coming back for more.

does dringk do anything fun?

Heck ya! Watch out for our events CALENDAR! We have great things like karaoke the first tuesday of every month, dj's playing every wednesday, friday + saturday night,

Are you kid and dog friendly?

Dringk owners love kids (they have a lot of them themselves!) and dogs! We are kid friendly until 10 pm and have a kids menu, high chairs and booster seats! Dogs are always welcome to party at dringk on our patio. so load up the minivan and bring the whole damn family down!

we are 21 and over at 10 pm to close.

do you have tv's for sports?

yes! we have 9 big screen tv's. we normally have good music playing with the tv's as a DISTRACTION in the background but when there is a good game or something worthy we may switch over the audio to play over our systym. we want a balance and try to make ya'll happy!

where is dringk located?

we like to think we are easy to find but sometimes gps or personal directional skills can suck. we are located at the river in rancho mirage. we are super duper easy to walk to if you park in the north parking lot (that is the parking lot pulling in off the bob hope drive) look for black awnings, a cool mural and a "bar" sign in red..oh ya and you will see our dringk sign over the bright yellow door! park your car under the shaded parking structures by renova solar before your park your butt in dringk.

is dringk hiring?

are you fun, outgoing, a team player with a super fab personality? then yes! we are always hiring! stop by and apply. (umm, but please! not during lunch hour rush or late night service!)

does dringk give to charities?

yes! dringk works with local organizations and charities. if you want to host an event for our giveback with dringk program email holla@drinkbar.com

sorry, we do not accept drop in requests for donations


does dringk recycle?

yes! Dringk is one of the only fully recycling restaurants and bars in the area. (as stated by burRtec whom handles our recyclables.) We do our best to ensure bottles, plastic containers, glass and weekend late night plastic cups get recycled.


does dringk use straws?

no. we are straw free. if you can not be without a straw don't stress! We have paper straws AVAILABLE for .10 and stainless take home straws for 2.95. all proceeds from straws are donated to seeturtles.org 


what does dringk think about yelp?

yelp : the place to hide behind a screen and online bully.

we take yelp with a grain of salt. if you really have a concern (we all know those yelp elites!) then please contact us or speak to a manager at dringk. We do truly want to hear valid feedback. while we love "the love" yelpers can give, it comes with some ghost accounts that basically have crazy ass yelps. did you know you can break up with someone and open a yelp account over and over and keep yelping thier place of work?? it's the modern day key scratch to the car. Did you also know that yelp can hide whatever reviews they want? Thy have done this to our account. More positive hidden than total reviews shown as the time this was written. if an online media wants to show reviews properly than they should be more like facebook and google and show all. we do find that facebook is done by real people who show their actual accounts so they review more accurately.

ps. please send any concerns or feedback or compliments to us. we love to hear from you and we truly use these as learning tools. contact us.   holla@dringkbar.com or email our manager paul@dringkbar.com